What's wakamonog?

NOG (Network Operators' Group) for young people("wakamono", 若者 in Japanese)

wakamonog member is not only operators but also application developers.

Our activities

  1. Study meeting ( once every few months ).
  2. Collaborative interaction with other community of IT.
  3. Networking event.

Activity history

Recruting members

We are wlcome new members!

Activity policies

  1. expand range of members.
  2. operate as an organization.
  3. make activities regularly.

How to join wakamonog

We use Google Groups for communication among members. Please choose one of the following methods to join.

  1. Register for Google Groups.
  2. Contact with committee members of wakamonog.

Register for Google Groups

If you have a Google account already, also you will create it, and subscribe to our group. Please fill "why do you join the wakamonog" lightheartedly. This is to prevent spam. The content you sent will not be posted in the mailing-list.

Contact with committee of wakamonog

Please send an e-mail to wakamonog-sec [at] googlegroups.com.

After registration

After registration on the wakamonog group, please introduce yourself.(Optional)

Recent history:

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